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Big 4 Accounting Firms New!
The big 4 accounting firms covers everything about the world's top accounting firms. Learn about the past and present of the big four accounting firms PwC, KPMG, Deloitte, and EY.
Category: Publication > News and Medias
Compare Insurance Online New!
Policybazaar.com is India's leading online insurance comparison portal that has since its inception in June, 2008 earned for itself the trust and goodwill of customers seeking both life and non-life insurance.The Website features products from all major Insurance companies in India and helps you compare various insurance plans. Based on your details provided it gives you a detailed comparison of all the insurance plans available, in an easily-readable format.You can select the product you think is best for you and then buy it online.
Category: International > India
Statistical Audit Training and Services Updated
The founder of Auditmetrics and university professor teaches statistics, directs research and consults with government and private agencies in developing statistical analytical guidelines and continuing education programs. Auditmetrics is committed to education by offering free PowerPoint education programs for accountants. Included, and is available for purchase, is a Statistical Audit Manual. Included with our manual is an Excel Workbook. Using only Excel worksheet commands, it runs through the process from beginning to end in setting up a statistical audit sample that meet IRS and AICPA standards.
Category: Auditing